Criccieth lifeboats have been saving lives at sea since 1853 -

Older News Items

Swimmer Rescued 5th July 2008

5 July 2008  1245 The lifeboat was launched to search for a missing swimmer off Black Rock Beach. After a lengthy search involving the lifeboat and a rescue helicopter at sea and coastguards/ beach patrol and ambulance crew ashore the missing man was seen by the helicopter crew and the lifeboat was conned to him. He was taken aboard the lifeboat suffering from shock and being very cold. After being wrapped in a survival bag he was immediately taken ashore and placed in the care of the ambulance crew who took him to hospital. A very good service!    Photo Courtesy of Malcolm Humphreys, Gwynedd Council Maritime Service

Naming Ceremony for new Atlantic 85 lifeboat 3rd May 2008

In glorious sunshine and with hundreds of spectators present the lifeboat "DORIS JOAN" was officially named by Miss Alex Vlasto.

The DORIS JOAN lifeboat afloat after the Naming Ceremony

(The above photo was taken by Crew Member Andrew Green aboard the Pwllheli Lifeboat which was present offshore.)

Atlantic 85 in rough weather 3rd February 2008

Radar Mobile Training Unit visits Criccieth

The  RNLI's Radar MTU is at Criccieth from 12th until 17th January - seven crew members were trained on the weekend of 12th/13th January with another seven being trained each evening the following week. Here are some photographs showing the MTU and the crew training inside it.

New Atlantic 85 lifeboat "DORIS JOAN" placed on service Tuesday, 6th November, 2007

Atlantic 75 B707 "MERCURIUS" leaves Criccieth after 13 years of service

The Atlantic 75 lifeboat "MERCURIUS" left Criccieth on Tuesday, 6th November, 2009. She was taken by sea to Pwllheli where she was hauled out of the water and placed on a trailer for return to the Inshore Lifeboat Centre at Cowes. She was then refitted and was sent to open anew lifeboat station on Loch Ness in Scotland in April 2008.


Last Exercise Launch for B707 "MERCURIUS"

The last exercise launch of the Atlantic 75 lifeboat B707 "MERCURIUS" took place on Sunday, 21 October, 2007. She is shown here launching from her carriage

Getting Boathouse Ready for Atlantic 85

Work  started on widening the boathouse doors on 28th Augast ready for the arrival of the new Atlantic 85 lifeboat B823 "DORIS JOAN". By 14th September the work has been completed apart from re-decoration. This has been completed and between 25th and 28th September a new floor covering was laid in the boathouse and workshop. The lifeboat and all equipment was moved back into the boathouse on Sunday, 30th November, 2007.

Work has almost been completed - compare the differences - left hand stone door pillar has been reduced in width (compare width of granite blocks on left hand side with the original right hand side pillar), main doors have been widened (see white paint in middle of doors) and overhead rail now protruding past the side of the building on the left hand side. The lifeboat and tractor remain in a secure compound on the slipway until re-decoration has been completed and a neww floor covering laid.

The job is now finished apart from re-decoration. Look how the right hand pillar has been reduced in size and the original sandstone blocks on the edge have been moved approximately ten inches to the right. Also note how both middle doors have been widened (white paint).

Stonemasons carefully remove cornerstones

Letter of Appreciation from RNLI Chief of Operations

Criccieth lifeboatmen Gordon Emery, Mark Hobley and Keith Allmark have received a letter of appreciation from the charity’s Operations Director Michael Vlasto, for rescuing a man who became stranded on a sandbank when the tide came in around him. 

They have been commended for their actions as crew members during the service on 25, September, 2007.  Holyhead Coastguard requested the launch of Criccieth lifeboat at 6.45pm following reports that a man was trapped by the incoming tide close to the Portmeirion Hotel.

The RNLI lifeboat “MERCURIUS” was promptly launched, and despite problems with the shallowness of the water in some parts of the estuary, quickly reached the man who had been swept under water several times and was totally immersed when the lifeboat reached him. Mark Hobley jumped into the chest deep water and assisted him onto the lifeboat.  He was cold and disorientated.   A rescue helicopter from RAF Valley was now on scene, and in view of the man’s condition, he was airlifted from the lifeboat into the helicopter and transferred to Ysbyty Gwynedd  at Bangor.  In his letter Mr Vlasto says:This was a noteworthy service.  I commend Gordon for his seamanship and use of his local knowledge to get the B class to the man’s position despite the navigational problems and the fact that he is not a fully qualified helmsman.  Mark did well to recover the man, and all three of the crew worked as a team to assist, assess and ensure that the man was quickly on his way to hospital by helicopter.  Well done indeed, all of you!’

Here is a link to a video of the rescue  

The 2007 Open Day was held on Sunday, 19th August, 2007 and despite a great deal of rain was a huge success.

Local children colouring in drawings of the station's Atlantic 75 lifeboat "MERCURIUS"

Visitors being shown the crew's protective clothing

"Stormy Sam" was the guest of honour for the day and he had a very busy time.

Handing out flags whilst the band is playing

"Stormy Sam" returns after assisting in rescuing a canoeist during a demonstration launch

New Atlantic 85 Lifeboat


Work has commenced at the Inshore Lifeboat Centre at East Cowes on building our new Atlantic 85 station lifeboat  B823 "DORIS JOAN". Crew member MARK HOBLEY is seen inspecting the work completed so far during a visit to the ILC whilst on holiday on the Isle of Wight in early August 2008. The lifeboat is due to be completed at the end of October 2008 and expected to arrive in Criccieth around 5th November 2007.

  PAUL FILBY the Station's Senior Helmsman and a member of the RNLI's Rapid Response Unit (RRU) Team B was deployed to assist with severe flooding near Toll Bar in South Yorkshire on 6/8 July 2007 and again in the Midlands (Droitwich, Upton Upon Severn and Gloucester) from 20 to 24  July 2007. Here is a photo taken by Paul where five people were rescued at a caravan park close to Kidderminster early on Saturday, 21 July 2007

  Dr ELWYN TUDOR JONES the Chairman of the Station's Lifeboat Management Group and former Honorary Medical Adviser was presented with the Bar to his Gold Badge by the Duke of Kent, the RNLI's President at the RNLI's Presentation of Awards Ceremony held in London in May 2007. Dr Tudor has been officially associated with the Cricieth Lifeboat Station since 1970.

Two of the RNLI's Mobile Training Units visited the station in early 2007 - eight crew members successfully completed the first aid course between Jan 24th and 15th February and four probationary crew members successfully completed the basic seamanship course between 26th February and 1st March

The station tractor TW58H was sent away for an extended overhaul on 15th January 2007 and returned on 3rd February. THe picture below shows a hatrick of Bendy Tractors  - Relief TW37H by slipway, Relief Tractor TW59H at front of low loader, and Criccieth Tractor TW58H ready to be offloaded the low loader.

Eifion Jones, Elfyn Pugh and Euron Thomas jouined the crew as probationary crew members at the end of 2006.

Emlyn Williams has been appointed as a DLA to succeed Ken Roberts who has retired at the end of 2006.

Cardigan View Caravan Park has now given the station the proceeds of the fun day in August. £1426 was collected on the day and this has been match funded by Haulfryn Group the park's owners making a total of £2852. Since 2005 the Cardigan View Caravan Park has contributed £7102 to the station.

Work has started in September on the upkeep and maintenance of the boathouse. This includes building a small delivery store in the courtyard and repainting the boathouse exterior back to the RNLI traditional red.

Mark Hobley, Dave Johnson and Katie Quaeck succesfully completed their introductory B Class course at the lifeboat college at Poole during August and September 2006. 

Criccieth lifeboat will visit the Madog Yacht Club Regatta at Porthmadog Harbour between 11am and noon on Monday, 28th August, 2006. She will carry out a short demonstration at approximately 1145.

A Fun Day will be held at the Cardigan View Caravan PArk on Sunday 27th August

A very successful Open Day was held on Sunday 20th August with several thousand people visiting the boathouse during the day.

On Friday 11th August Kidderminster Guides visited the boathouse during which several guides and a young guideleader made their "promise" alongside the lifeboat.

The Annual Branch Open Meeting was held on Monday evening, 10th July 2006. At this meeting Jim Owen was appointed as President of the station in recognition of his long and valuable service to Criccieth Lifeboat Station.

At the same meeting the Reverend Sue Williams, Rector of Criccieth was appointed as the first ever official Chaplain to the Criccieth Lifeboat Station.

Chris Cummins attended an introductory B Class course at the Lifeboat College, Poole between 12th and 16th June 2006.

On Saturday 25th November the crew held their annual dinner at the Marine Hotel and also took the opportunity to make a presentation to Jim Owen who has recently retired as DLA on age grounds. He was previously the Senior Helmsman and was awarded the RNLI's THanks on Vellum for a service to the yacht "Zircon" in 1977. Michael Vlasto the RNLI's Operations Director came along to present Jim with a certificate of service and a "Demob suit". Here are some  photos of the night....


Senior Helmsman Paul Filby presents Jim Owen with a plaque from the station

RNLI Operations Director presents Jim Owen with a Certificate of Service above and a "demob suit" below