Criccieth lifeboats have been saving lives at sea since 1853 -

Atlantic 21, 75 and 85 (B class)

The Atlantic (B class) lifeboat is a rigid inflatable lifeboat which was introduced originally as the Atlantic 21 in 1972. In 1993 a slightly larger Atlantic 75 was introduced and in 2006 the Atlantic 85 became the latest development of the B class to be placed on station.

All Atlantics have manually operated self-righting mechanism and are capable of being beached in an emergency without sustaining damage to engines or steering gear. Amongst their equipment they carry VHF radios and a GPS plotter. They can be operated safely in daylight in a force 6/7 and at night in a force 5/6. In addition the new Atlantic 85 is fitted with radar and VHF direction finding equipment and has seating for a fourth crew member. 

                              Atlantic 21            Atlantic 75                                Atlantic 85

Introduced              1972                    1993                                        2005
Length                   21 feet                 7.3m                                        8.5m  
Range                     All atlantics have a range of 3 hours at maximum speed
Speed                    30 knots                32 knots                                  35 knots
Engines HP              50 (later 70)          70 (two stroke)                        115 (four stroke)
Weight                                              1.6 tonnes                                1.8 tonnes
Crew                      3                         3                                             4
Construction            Fibre Glass Hull                                                     Reinforced Composite (FRC) hull
                   all with inflatable sponsons

Atlantic class lifeboats can be launched from Drive On Drive Off carriages (as at Criccieth), flatbed trolleys, floating boathouse or davits.

Atlantic 21 B531 "Foresters" stationed at Criccieth December 1993 to June 1994 sets out on trials November 1993

Atlantic 75 B707 "Mercurius" stationed at Criccieth June 1994 to Non exercise 22nd January 2006

  Atlantic 85 prototype lifeboat on trials at Criccieth 16th June 2005       

Atlantic 85 Lifeboat B823 "Doris Joan" stationed at Criccieth since November 2007